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Family Counselling supports families in discovering solutions that strengthen the wellbeing of adults, adolescents, and children.  Our friendly caring therapists help families learn to function well together in healthy and positive ways, improving the quality of relationships and creating greater connectedness.

We understand families come in many forms and will experience different changes over time.  The circumstances of family life are sometimes challenging, confronting, and complex.  Therefore it may be comforting and reassuring to know that access to family therapy offers the opportunity to get the right help, support, and guidance. 

Family therapy provides professional and positive support to nurture and guide family members towards flourishing, instead of floundering, when grappling with life-challenges and handling pressures like different personalities, attitudes and expectations.

When your family life is stable, secure, loving, and caring, you are much more likely to feel happier and positive, and enjoy a higher quality level of health and wellbeing.

Our experienced family therapists and registered counsellors have the training, resources, and skills to offer you hope in repairing and resolving relationships, and to help you more smoothly navigate family life.


Rohan Watson and team offer expert therapeutic help for couples and families in the Toowoomba and surrounding region. 

Rohan brings a plain-speaking, compassionate down-to-earth style of communication.

His deep psychological insights and break-through practical solutions are honed from thousands of hours spent counselling and coaching people from all walks and seasons of life. 

He combines that experience with extensive university training spanning the fields of psychology, counselling, and education. 

That solid background is therefore reassurance that Rohan is well-equipped to uniquely support you in finding solutions that are right for you and your situation. 

Rohan also draws upon an eclectic repertoire of research-proven approaches and techniques including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Positive Psychology, Gottman Method, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Reaching out for counselling support is your positive step towards finding real solutions for repairing relationships and resolving other challenges and complexities of family life.  

My Practice is committed to helping people improve relationships, outlook on life, and overall wellbeing, within a setting that is accepting, caring, safe and private.

We offer modern evidence-based approaches to tailoring therapy that best meets the unique needs of each individual, couple, or family unit.  We would welcome your enquiry.

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Move Your Life Forward with Family Therapy

When your family situation starts faltering or crumbling from any of life’s stressors, getting support early is important to stop a downward spiral or a snowballing effect that might negatively impact the wellbeing of yourself or others.

Our family counselling practitioners are qualified and skilled in helping people facing difficult and complex circumstances.  Such as, conflicts in blended families, bereavement, relationship breakdown, sibling rivalry, separation and divorce, family member illness or disability, aggression or anger issues, and challenging emotional and behavioural patterns in teenagers and young adults.

Family therapy serves as an effective way for a couple and/or other members of a family unit to come together, and to communicate and collaborate in a safe and confidential space.

A professional counsellor is independent and non-judgemental, offers guidance, presents fresh perspectives, and provides support to help turnaround life’s barriers, problems or challenges into solutions and a positive path forward. 

Your counsellor will listen carefully to understand what has brought you to this present point, and will explore with you, the goal or outcome from therapy that you believe is important to you.

Your uniqueness and individuality will be respected, as your therapist supports you in overcoming the problems that are impacting you, and which you want to resolve.

In our Practice, we make your wellbeing our professional priority, while helping equip and empower you to heal, resolve and renew, to positively move your life forward, and more smoothly navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.

How Couples Therapy Helps Rescue Relationships

Partnerships, especially long-term ones, can often be tough to sustain in the pressure-cooker of life.  Couples Therapy is a way of getting support and real solutions for saving relationships.  What’s important, is seeking help early before your relationship winds up in serious trouble, and before potentially impacting other family members, friends, finances, housing arrangements, or career.  

Even when partners have the best of intentions of fixing a relationship, they usually lack the special skills necessary to work through the complexities of raw human emotions.  It is extra hard too, when partners intricately know, and can leverage, each other’s weaknesses or vulnerabilities.  So that’s where the expertise of a trained and experienced relationship therapist can step in and is able to confidentially offer the right support and guidance.  Click here to learn more.

Family Counselling — 4 Relationship Therapy Tips

To get the best from family counselling sessions, when fixing a relationship is a priority, here are 4 tips to consider mindfully putting into practice:

  • OPENNESS —  Coming to therapy with an open mind to receive support and guidance, and with a willingness to genuinely connect, transparently communicate, and cooperatively collaborate for the common good of all, is vital for beginning a process of relationship repair and renewal.  Clutching to your own agenda or having a closed mindset to embracing different perspectives, concepts, and strategies, will only scuttle any real chance for success in strengthening relationships.
  • OWNERSHIP — Take responsibility and own your part in any missteps, mistakes or mess-ups in your family relationships. Keep yourself from blame-shifting and fault-finding.  Instead, focus on what you can change to contribute to positive transformation in your relationship with your partner or other family members.
  • ACCEPTANCE — How you think and act is a matter for you.  But how other people think and respond about life issues, is their responsibility.  Accepting you cannot expect everyone else to think or behave in the same way as yourself, opens the door to embracing greater understanding and tolerance.  Anger, resentment, and frustration fall away faster by genuinely accepting and valuing one another’s uniqueness and individuality.
  • FORGIVENESS —  Holding onto thoughts and feelings of negativity towards others keeps you stuck.  Your wellbeing stays stifled and sabotaged.  Forgiving others for hurt, pain or trauma caused, may seem a formidable thing to do.   The idea of it alone, may grate against every fibre of your being.  However, forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.  Forgiveness frees you from a hold or control that another person has over you.  By extending mercy unconditionally, there’s a letting-go process of unshackling from past hurt and pain, leading to healing, growth of inner strength, and a capacity to move forward with fresh purpose.  The more you forgive, the more freed you become to easier love yourself and others.
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Psychotherapist Rohan Watson

Rohan Watson is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and a general member of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience.  He holds qualifications in Psychology, Counselling and Education from Monash University and USQ including a Master of Counselling (Advanced Practice) degree awarded with Distinction.

As a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Mental Health Researcher, Rohan helps unlock the potential in people to live healthier, happier and more purposeful.  Rohan is genuinely caring, and offers clients a private, professional and safe counselling setting.  His focus is on providing genuine support and real solutions for achieving positive and transformational outcomes.

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