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Counselling & Coaching Professional Services

Rohan Watson offers a full suite of specialist counselling, coaching & consulting services for individuals, couples, families and businesses.


Individual counselling via phone, video-stream or face-to-face

Individual counselling sessions offer the opportunity to get independent, impartial support from an experienced and qualified professional to assist you in overcoming the challenges you’re facing.  Sessions vary in length and you decide the level of therapy you require.  Your counsellor will explore with you the session planning that best suit your needs.   

Anxiety, stress, depression, and grief and loss, are just a few examples of the kinds of life challenges for which people seek out Rohan Watson’s compassionate and helpful insight.   Getting help early can lead to positive quality outcomes sooner.   Learn more by booking your free 20 minute introductory confidential phone consultation.  


Guidance, Motivation & Inspiration

Are you ready to make positive changes to your life? Coaching programs can help set you up with the right tools, mindset, resilience and grit for achievement. Gain clarity and mental focus. Consider the difference it makes having your own personal coach available to offer support and to help you stay on-track as you pursue your career, relationships, goals and dreams. Create your best life with the help of a professional coach. Learn more by availing yourself of your free 20 minute introductory confidential phone consultation. 

Counselling & Coaching Professional Services


Relationships are tough, let’s be honest….

Relationships, particularly long-term ones, take a lot of effort to maintain and sustain. Sometimes they are down-right difficult, disappointing and dispiriting. While we may not be able to predict the outcome of any particular situation, we can make a choice to control how we respond to the challenges that we face. With relationship coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and commitment to the pursuit of being the very best version of yourself while you navigate the relationships important to you. 

The storms of life are inevitable for all of us but it is the set of our mind, not our whirlwind circumstances, that will determine to where we charter. A trusted professional counsellor can provide an independent, impartial and non-judgemental perspective in a safe and private setting.  Learn more by availing yourself of your free 20 minute introductory phone consultation.


Specialist Bespoke Solutions for SME Owners & Teams

Workplace wellbeing, business owner’s mindset, and employee productivity are all positively related to implementing business strategy successfully.  Rohan works one-on-one to help you unlock your business potential by improving mental wellbeing.  Positive workplace mental wellness enhances engagement, productivity and purpose. Tap the treasure of a happier and healthier team and transform your workplace.  Rohan will quickly grasp your unique wellbeing needs for collaboratively formulating a solution.  Book a FREE 30 Minute ‘Discovery Consultation’ and learn what can be done. 


Regulate emotions and make healthy behavioural choices.

Frequently feeling angry and living frustrated is unhealthy.  It is a sign something has to change. Relationships, finances and careers can be put at risk. Specialist therapy to manage anger helps establish new patterns of thinking and behaviour.   By understanding what triggers your anger you can learn to respond in appropriate healthy ways.  A commitment to a full course of therapy may be your turning point for successfully managing anger and improving your outlook on life.

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