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About Rohan Watson Counselling & Coaching

Rohan Watson is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and a general member of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience.  He holds qualifications in Psychology, Counselling and Education from Monash University and the University of Southern Queensland.   His research for a Master’s thesis focused on barriers and strategies relating to mental health promotion and prevention in workplaces.  Rohan continues to conduct research in this area with a special focus on mental wellbeing early intervention for workers within Australian SMEs. 

As a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Mental Health Researcher, Rohan helps unlock the potential in people to live happily and purposefully.  Rohan is genuinely caring.  He offers a safe, private and professional counselling setting for positive client transformations and outcomes.

Rohan supports people from all walks and seasons of life.  He has a proactive track-record of serving his community.  This includes coaching and mentoring young people from very diverse and challenging backgrounds.  As well, he has supported delivery of counselling services for a not-for-profit organisation caring for persons with cancer and their families.

Rohan has facilitated and delivered mental health programs across rural and remote Australia.  This has given him unique insights into the mental wellness needs of rural communities.  He currently conducts counselling services for a specially funded rural community support program alongside GPs and other allied health professionals.

Additionally, he delivers professional psychotherapy services to employees at all levels nationally through EAP based services.  Rohan is a highly sought-after Marriage Counsellor, Relationship Therapist and Workplace Wellbeing Mentor.  He has  a special interest in delivering online mental wellness life-skills programs.

About GO-TO Counsellor Rohan Watson | Counselling & Coaching

Rohan’s graduate and post-graduate level qualifications include:

Master of Counselling (Advanced Practice)  Awarded with Distinction – USQ

Graduate Diploma of Psychology – Monash University

Graduate Certificate of Counselling (Child Youth & Family Therapy) – USQ

Bachelor of General Education Studies – USQ

How to Get Best Help from Counselling

Looking for solutions to life’s problems?  Ready to talk to a Counsellor?  This short PODCAST explains 7 important steps essential for getting the best help from Counselling.

Help sought early hastens wellness recovery

Trauma, depression, anxiety, lingering sickness, grief, loneliness and relationship breakdown are common to humankind. Our thinking and behaviour can alter because of any one those conditions. For perspective, did you know that each year close to 5 million Australians will encounter a mental health challenge?

Seeking professional help early has shown links to shortened recovery time and improved quality of recovery. Reportedly though, too many people delay or go without treatment. Should we therefore be surprised that mental illness is our nation’s third leading cause of disability burden?

I think you’d agree that in life, most of us experience our share of out-of-the-blue curveballs.  Times when our wellbeing becomes shaken to the core.


Tough times simply don’t discriminate.  Even the most resilient persons can find themselves overwhelmed. 

What’s important is getting the right support and guidance as soon as possible. It is paramount for improving the likelihood of faster restoration to a healthier, happier, and more purpose-filled path.

As a nationally registered counsellor and accredited member of the Australian Counselling Association, I offer you the convenience of being able to talk with a professionally trained therapist from the privacy of your own home, or virtually anywhere else, that’s distraction free and comfortable.  Accessible via phone or online video.

A Toowoomba Counselling consulting suite is also available for clients preferring face-to-face sessions.

Solutions for Living an Enriching and Purposeful Life

About Counselling Benefits

The benefits of counselling are difference-making in times of unexpected challenges, change or crisis.  A professional, insightful and non-judgemental counsellor can help equip and empower you to more smoothly navigate life’s problems, as well as opportunities.  

Counselling also enables an enhanced understanding of your own thoughts, feelings and responses.  That knowledge supports positive, healthier self-care and fosters better interpersonal skills.  Counselling is a therapeutic way of seeing life from new perspectives.  An experienced counsellor can guide you towards strengthening your resilience and gaining greater self-mastery.  

So, embrace counselling, and you’ll be a step closer to real solutions for living an enriching and purposeful life.

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