Positive Mental Health at Work for Enhancing
Engagement, Productivity & Purpose

Bespoke Workplace Wellness Solutions for
SME Business Owners & Teams

Workplace wellbeing, business owner’s mindset, and employee productivity are all positively related to implementing business strategy successfully.  Rohan works one-on-one to help you optimise the human capital potential in your business using evidence-based wellness strategies.

Positive workplace mental wellness enhances engagement, productivity and purpose. Harness the treasure of a happier and healthier team and transform your workplace.  Rohan quickly grasps the unique wellbeing needs of a business to collaboratively formulate real solutions for generating healthy value-outcomes.  

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8 MILLION     working days (approx) are lost every year due to mental ill-health.

1 in 6    workers are expected to be experiencing mental health problems at any given time.

20 X    more sick days taken per month by workers with severe depression.

3 X    higher cost to business for PRESENTEEISM compared to ABSENTEEISM.

$43-$51 BILLION    is the conservative annual cost to Australia for Mental Illness and Suicide.

1/3    is approx number of SME owners struggling with their mental health.

$14.50 ROI    for each $1 ‘small businesses’ spend on workplace mental health (PwC research).

⊕ Intentional Self-Harm is chief cause of death among persons aged 15 – 44 years (2017).

⊕ Work is accelerating towards becoming the leading cause of stress.

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If you are a business owner/leader, or an employee, in which of the following areas would you value the professional help of a specialist Workplace Wellbeing Mentor?...

Wellbeing Impacts #1

Key workplace wellbeing focus areas from Business Owner / Leader perspective.
Productivity - Employee Engagement - Absenteeism - Presenteeism - Staff Turnover - Employee Satisfaction - Motivation - Morale - Staff Mediation

Wellbeing Impacts #2

Key workplace wellbeing focus areas from Team support, cooperation and effectiveness perspective.
Interpersonal Conflict - Relationship Dysfunction - Bullying - Harrasment - Withdrawl from Colleagues, Friends or Family - Communication Barriers - Recognition & Rewards for Performance - Change Management Processes - Clarity of Purpose

Wellbeing Impacts #3

Key workplace wellbeing focus areas from perspective of individuals.
Thought Disturbances - Fatigue - Stress - Feelings of Failure or Worthlessness - Emotional Distress - Lack of Self-Awareness or Self-Acceptance - Grief or Loss - Loneliness - Emptiness - Anxiety - Depression - Feel Stuck - Sleep Problems - Anger - Resilience - Muscle Tension - Substance Dependencies - Brain Fog - Overwhelmed - Work-Life Balance

What Business Owners/Leaders Can Expect...


- Wellbeing Mentoring for owners, management and staff - just like personal development.
- Bespoke, evidence-based approaches.
- Affordable Industry-specific solutions.
One-on-One emphasis.
- Counselling and psychological interventions only when necessary and agreed.
- Specialist workplace mediation services and conflict resolution strategies.
- Renewal of passion and purpose for you and your team.
- A combination of psychology, counselling, education and business management expertise.
- Workplace wellness strategies that lead to healthy ROI!


ROHAN WATSON holds qualifications in Psychology, Counselling and Education from Monash University and USQ.  He is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and a general member of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience.  He is a specialist wellbeing practitioner and mental health researcher based in Toowoomba, Australia with national and international clients.  Rohan has facilitated and delivered mental health programs across rural and remote Australia and provides professional psychotherapy nationally to employees at all levels through EAP based services.  Rohan is genuinely caring and insightful with a special interest in workplace wellbeing consultancy and mentoring for business owners, professionals and executives.  His current research focuses specifically on early intervention mental wellbeing in SMEs.

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Rohan offers individual Employees an opportunity to make a confidential enquiry to discover the support available for finding real solutions for their Workplace Wellbeing needs.