Everyone faces setbacks and unexpected curveballs.  Times of struggle are common to all of us.  Admitting we’re not doing so well may seem difficult, scary or even sad.  We may worry about the stigma certain people attach to someone needing extra support.  When coping with everyday circumstances becomes overwhelming, getting help early is crucial.  Seeking the support of a counsellor is an effective way of dealing with life’s problems more quickly.  But all too often people find excuses for holding back from seeing a professional therapist.  Let’s myth-bust 5 common excuses that are plainly no excuse at all…

  1. It is a sign of weakness. Really?  Just the opposite is true! Self-care is self-respect.  Seeking support shows courage.  It is a sign of strength.  You’re accepting responsibility.  What you’re doing is saying that something needs to change in your life and that you are willing to make that change.
  1. Got no time. You’ve got time. You’ve got the same 24 hours in a day that we all get.  If you want solutions for your life’s problems it comes down to choices and making self-care your highest priority.
  1. Too hard to travel to see therapist. There are many flexible options available for talking with a trained therapist.  It is not critical to have a face-to-face appointment.  Counselling via phone, skype/zoom video or online chat are effective and convenient ways of getting support from the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  1. Been there done that.  If you haven’t had a positive experience previously with a counsellor then don’t give up.  There are plenty of quality professional counsellors.  So reach out and find one that            you can trust and is qualified to help with your particular need.
  1. I can do this on my own. Perhaps yes, perhaps no.  Is the risk really worth it?  Professional counsellors provide expert support using evidence-based research to help you get the solutions that are important to you.

Counselling changes lives for the better.  So if you’re struggling, finding it hard to cope, then reach out to a professional therapist.  It just might be the turning point that restores you to a happier, healthier and more positive outlook.

A personal message from Rohan:
We live in a fast-changing world in which taking care of our health and wellness, and each other, is more important than ever. As an experienced counselling practitioner I’m dedicated to helping people improve their relationships, outlook on life and overall wellbeing, offering therapy within an accepting, caring, safe and private environment. I believe that each person’s emotional response to life’s situations and circumstances is uniquely complex, which is why I draw on a diversity of counselling methods to tailor an approach that best meets the distinctive needs of each individual client, couple or family unit.