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Rohan Watson offers private & professional counselling. Compassionate and insightful support. A Toowoomba counselling consulting suite is available for clients preferring Face-to-Face sessions. Australia-Wide counselling is accessible via phone or online video, offering convenient therapy from your home, office, hotel room, or wherever you are that’s distraction-free and comfortable. Get the help of an experienced, qualified and registered counselling practitioner. Rohan is a specialist Relationship and Marriage Counsellor, Mental Health Therapist, and Workplace Wellbeing Mentor & Consultant.

Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Are you struggling with thoughts that are clouded, cluttered and confused? Let’s begin a conversation to help guide you towards regaining clarity, control of your life, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Work & Career

Whether you’re transitioning in your career, or experiencing unhealthy workplace conflicts and stress, let me support you in finding real solutions for an outcome that’s right for you.


Improving the quality and quantity of social connectedness is known to positively impact mental and physical health. Let me support you in developing positive and meaningful relationships important to you.

Relapse Prevention

It’s never too late to reach out for help to overcome unhealthy dependencies and prevent relapse. Let me support you in finding real solutions for breakthrough and the achievement of your health and wellbeing goals.

NDIS Support

(Plan Managed & Self-Managed)
Get real solutions for everyday problems. Realise your goals and aspirations. Enhance wellbeing. Reach out to me for professional counselling help. Caring, confidential support.

Family & Parenting

If you’re seeking strategies to better manage family dynamics or wanting to improve skills for more effectual parenting, then reach out to me. Let’s explore real solutions.

Grief & Loss

Profound change arising from grief and loss is experienced uniquely. You’re not alone. Reach out to me. Confidential, caring support. Let’s find real solutions to strengthen your resiliency and to help ease the heaviness associated with your challenging season.

Mental Health

Let’s work together to find real solutions to navigate your mental health challenges. You’re not alone. So reach out to me and we’ll explore therapy to get your life heading in a positive direction.

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About GO-TO Counsellor Rohan Watson | Counselling & Coaching

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Rohan Watson

Reaching out for help is a healthy start for taking a whole lot of weight off one’s mind.  I am dedicated to helping people improve relationships, outlook on life and overall wellbeing within a setting that is accepting, caring, safe and private.  My deep commitment is to support clients in developing confidence, resilience and insight to more smoothly handle life’s challenges and achieve genuinely positive outcomes.

In addition to my own private practice, I conduct counselling for a rural allied health community support program as well as a not-for-profit organisation caring for persons with cancer and their families.  I have facilitated and delivered mental health programs throughout rural and remote Australia and currently deliver professional psychotherapy to employees at all levels nationally through EAP based services.  It is experience that enables me to connect with people from all walks and seasons of life.

I believe each person’s emotional response to life’s situations and circumstances is uniquely complex.  This is why I draw on a diversity of counselling methods to tailor an approach that best meets the distinctive needs of each individual client, couple or family unit.

For further information about Rohan Watson’s qualifications and experience, follow the link below.

Counselling ― Let’s Explore Real Solutions Together

In the entire world your fingerprints, toeprints, the iris of your eyes and your personality are absolutely unique. You’re truly one-of-a-kind. Because we are all different, a one-size fits all approach to counselling just doesn’t cut it. 

Respecting and valuing your individuality is my starting point for tailoring therapy that will best benefit you. Naturally, the choice of therapeutic approach is very important. But it is the strength and quality in the trust and bond between counsellor and client that will most influence the level of positive change realised from a counselling experience.

In this collaborative and partnership process, my aim is to provide clients with a meaningful and rewarding encounter. 

By working together openly and in agreement about how to reach the goals important to you, the foundation will be set for successful therapy. 

To get started, reach out to me. This is your opportunity to talk freely and completely confidentially. Let’s explore real solutions together.

Mental Wellbeing

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Workplace Stress

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