Not Seeing Eye to Eye in Your Relationship and Want Help?

Relationships, especially long-term ones, can be a bumpy ride.  At times painful. The same problems keep popping up over and over again.   Communication with your partner gets frosty.  Little problems quickly grow into major dramas. Before you know it, your relationship is at a standstill.  You feel stuck.  The future looks foggy.  Now you find yourself endlessly worrying about your broken relationship’s impact on family and friends, finances and job, and whether you’re spiraling towards separation. If that’s you, you’re not alone. Many of us have been right where you are.  You’re probably experiencing wave after wave of emotions. You may feel embarrassed, ashamed, angry, sad, frustrated, resentful, or even helpless.


When couples reach this point there’s a lot of self-questioning and wondering.  What went wrong?  How did it turn out like this?  Why are all my hopes and dreams being dashed?   What can I do to rescue my relationship?  The thing is, even when there’s the best of intentions between couples to repair a relationship, they often don’t know where to start, nor do they have the special skills to work their way through hard to control human emotions and other complex challenges.  It may seem like you’re in a very difficult and confusing dilemma.  It’s especially not made easy when each partner knows the other partner’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  But no matter how hard a situation you’re in, reach out, there is support, there are people who can help you get through this.


A relationship counsellor is experienced in guiding couples and individuals through the rocky patches of life.  They bring an independent and impartial perspective.  You’ll learn things about yourself and partner that previously may not have been clear or was formerly misunderstood. You’ll be given the tools, skills and strategies to help you overcome and get control of your emotions.  You’ll feel empowered to start making the decisions towards the solutions that are right for you and your relationship.  Here’s what you can learn and gain from a relationship specialist:

→  A safe place to share your story.

→  Improve communication and build trust.

→  Learn the difference between compromise and cooperation.

→ Understand how your partner is experiencing the relationship.

→  Gain awareness of negative emotional triggers and how to control them.

→  Break-free of toxic patterns of behaviour.

→  Connect more deeply with your partner.

→ Get solutions for enjoying a truly satisfying and fulfilling relationship.


It’s never too late to begin again.  If you’re in a relationship that is floundering or heading for the rocks, get help, and get it quickly, talk today with a caring, qualified and experienced relationship therapist.

A personal message from Rohan:
We live in a fast-changing world in which taking care of our health and wellness, and each other, is more important than ever. As an experienced counselling practitioner I’m dedicated to helping people improve their relationships, outlook on life and overall wellbeing, offering therapy within an accepting, caring, safe and private environment. I believe that each person’s emotional response to life’s situations and circumstances is uniquely complex, which is why I draw on a diversity of counselling methods to tailor an approach that best meets the distinctive needs of each individual client, couple or family unit.